Architecture and art — Архитектура и искусство

Architecture and art - Архитектура и искусство

Architecture is the art of construction, forming the living space of people through a combination of buildings and structures.

In addition to the mandatory — strength, convenience, functionality — architectural structures also have the most important properties — aesthetics and the ability of deep emotional impact on people.

Thus, the giant religious buildings of the ancient world tell about slave states; in comparison with them, a person feels helpless and insignificant before the heavenly and earthly masters. Antique architecture gave birth to cheerfulness and self-confidence in man. The architecture of the Renaissance reflected the beauty of man and the world around him.

Thus, architecture forms the image of cities and towns, reflecting whole historical epochs with their polity, ideology, world view, culture.

The essence of the work of the architect is the search for the most successful composition, the most harmonious combination of various parts and details of the future architectural work, as well as surface finishing of the building being created.

The perception of an architectural structure largely depends on its composition — the shape, grouping of rooms, the pattern of external volume, and details. All this determines the appearance of the building — solemn, strict, festive, lyrical, etc.

The purpose and construction of the building, the climate of the area where the construction is carried out, the environment of the future building determine the shape and size of the building, the finishing details. The function of structures affects their composition, gives them a distinctive appearance.

Durability and durability of structures provide structures protecting the internal space. Their type depends on the building materials used. For example, the use of only stand-and-beam type constructions in Ancient Egypt is explained by the fact that the stone was the main building material. The type of construction, in turn, determines the architectural form. Thus, the invention of concrete allowed the architects of ancient Rome to use vaulted, arched and domed constructions, which significantly increased the distance between the supports.

Great help architects provides modern technology. These are new constructions and materials, powerful construction machines, thanks to which new types of buildings are born, new cities are conceived, the scope of construction is constantly increasing.

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