Beach volleyball — Пляжный волейбол

Beach volleyball - Пляжный волейбол

Beach volleyball, despite the status of a professional sport, is highly popular among outdoor enthusiasts.

The first mention of beach volleyball falls on the 1910s — at this time in Hawaii, local surfers, waiting for a “good” wave, brightened their leisure time by playing volleyball right on the beach. Some time later, beach volleyball began to play on the beaches of Santa Monica (California, USA), with six people in each team. And in 1930, the first beach volleyball match with teams of two people was held in Santa Monica.

Beach volleyball got to Europe thanks to the French nudists: in 1927, this game became a popular entertainment on the beach in Franconville (a small town near Paris). Very soon the game spread throughout Europe. In the current Mecca of beach volleyball — Brazil, the game became popular in the 1950s.

The high popularity of the game made it possible to draw attention to the game from sponsors and television. There are associations and federations, under the auspices of which tournaments and competitions are held, professional teams appear, and the game takes on the features of a professional sport.

In 1989, the first beach volleyball world championship was held, and in 1993 it became the official Olympic sport.

Nowadays, beach volleyball (also called beach will) is not only a professional and commercial sport, but also one of the most popular types of outdoor activities. Originating as a form of classic volleyball, beach volleyball has become an independent sport. Despite the similarity of these two sports, between them there are significant differences.

Beach volleyball is a unique sport, its players are often called “one big family”. Almost unchanged composition of participants in professional competitions and a rich calendar of games leads to the fact that most of the time they spend together — in airplanes, airports and hotels. Often, volleyball players from different countries can be connected not only by friendship, but also, for example, by a common coach. Therefore, during the matches, the players of the opposing teams invariably exchange friendly handshakes and try to encourage each other, but of course all this does not affect the desire of each team to snatch the victory.

The world record for the power of filing belongs to the Russian Igor Kolodinsky, the ball after its innings develops a speed of 114 km / h. There are only 6 players in the world at the moment, the feed rate of which exceeds 100 km / h.

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