Decorations in clothes — Украшения на одежде

Decorations in clothes - Украшения на одежде

An important detail in clothing are decorations.

The means to decorate yourself include the following: clothes, scars, tattoos, coloring and tattooing, hairstyle, perfumery, manicure, dusting and adorning the face, gnawing teeth. With the help of jewelry, social status, readiness to enter into (sexual) contact, aggressiveness, adaptability

Adventurous nature, personality traits. Jewelry in the form of cosmetics, wigs and perfume means in most cases serve as additional outfits.

Prestigious decorations. Such jewelry is often evidence of claims to possession of a certain prestige. In this way, you can demonstrate to your surroundings what you are like by losing your nose and putting it in place.

Membership icon of an organization. Anyone who does not hide his belonging to a particular group of people wears a member badge. For such a person, a member badge is a kind of evidence of prestige, through which he expresses his affiliation to a particular group. At the same time, member badges of various metals give an idea of ??the social scale of ranks within the association.

Cross. Thanks to its design (horizontal — height, vertically — stability, and a right angle — fixed), the cross expresses precisely these properties. By virtue of a religious sense of security, he gives a sense of security. Moreover, the choice of this decoration results not in the actually demonstrated behavior, but in the need.

Leather bracelets. Such an ornament is also worn in the absence of direct necessity (in athletes). It should express a strong strong nature and serve as a decorative wrist strap.

Pieces of fur and other trophies. If they are worn on the wrist or on the neck, then they signal the shutter speed, and judging by them, you can determine the winner.

Fur and tinsel. Make a feminine-soft impression. Direct skin contact with the skin indicates a desire for gentle treatment.

Small and elegant jewelry. They express the fact that their owner feels that he is a small and weak person who needs participation and careful handling. The one who wears small and graceful jewelry, would like to seem an amiable and sincere person.

Large jewelry. They are usually striking and express a desire to gain recognition of their social status. “I am more than you, I have more than you, I am superior to you” — this is the meaning of such decorations.

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