Dogs as people — Собаки как люди

Dogs as people - Собаки как люди

I have noticed that dogs are like people each dog has their own character, their habits. Near the village market there is a very good dog. She has a completely human name – Masha. She knows how to say Hello. Recently she hurt her paw, she was really hurt, she asked me for help so she treated the wound. Masha came to my house and howled under Windows, to I withdrew. I treated her wound, treated her with hydrogen peroxide, smeared her with left-hand glass and bandaged her. Masha’s foot is almost healed.

Dogs as people are good mothers. The alpha has pups. She takes care of them like a mother takes care of a child. When one puppy was dying, she was very worried: howling, barking. When the puppy died, she even knocked the lock off the door and broke out to say goodbye to her baby. She was whining and licking her baby. Then the girls and I buried him.

Dean’s cheerful dog, probably because she was still young and not experienced that grief, which has survived her older friend. She always enjoys meeting us, licking our hands, jumping, wagging her tail.

Ginger fiery color, it looks like a Mastiff. He used to have a master. He died, and the dog stayed outside. It is immediately evident that he is trained, educated and well-mannered. He even every day comes to school and the most morning faced pupils.

The dog is just not rush. The dog is biting only on the life of the dog. She feels angry or drunk. She defends herself, she wants to eat, she wants warmth like any living thing. Remember that the dog we did another family member is a close relative of the wolf. And any dog has the same behavioral instincts as its wild relatives. Therefore, the dog is dangerous to the lives of people thrown on the street.

I want to appeal to all people. People, be more human, do not abandon your Pets, never start animals for the sake of toys and fun. It’s a big responsibility to have a pet. After all man himself is to blame, that so many homeless dogs, and then himself suffers from its carelessness. When you hurt a dog, you hit him, so you take a sin on the soul.

If my mom would let me have a dog, I’d be happy. A dog would replace my brother or sister. I’m alone. I’m lonely. And only dogs can understand and love me, they are easy, they are often smarter than man. I am very hurt and ashamed dogs for all the people who made their dogs orphaned and remain indifferent to the dog’s grief.

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