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The Roman Empire The Roman Empire / Римская империя The Roman Empire had a huge task in front of them while it was first starting out and while it was becoming a dominant dynasty in the early civilizations. The main problem that the book "Discovering the Global Past" points out is how the Roman Empire found itself growing a little too quickly. The Roman Empire started out very small...


U.S. Financial System U.S. Financial System / Финансовая система США Corporations have the need to raise capital for a number of reasons. Smaller firms need capital to start up operations. Larger firms need capital to expand operations and to finance inventory. There are various ways in which a firm can raise capital through the financial system and numerous individuals and entities...


Microburst Microburst / Микропорыв There are many safety factors that pilots have to take into consideration while completing a safe flight. Everything has to be taken into mind when planning a flight. From weight and balance to preflight inspections. One safety factor that is impossible to have control over is weather. There are many aspects of weather that can affect an aircraft,...


Romanian Orphanages Romanian Orphanages / Румынские сироты Imagine a hospital that, at one time ran smoothly helping the public, now with the primary objection of taking care of the thousands of abandoned infants and children. This is the reality in Romania when Nicolae Ceausescu was in power. In 1966 he created an Anti-Abortion/Contraception law in order to raise the population and...


Introducing Christian Ethics Introducing Christian Ethics / Введение в христианскую этику The book that I have chosen to do my book review on is Introducing Christian Ethics, written by Henlee H. Barnette. This book deals with many Christian ethical decisions based on biblical foundations that are applied to various major problems. Some of the major problems pertain to the self,...


Finding Forester

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Finding Forester / Найти Форрестера

Finding ForesterMany people go through life without experiencing a loss of someone close to them early on in their life. A father figure in ones development is essential to become unique. Jamal Wallace in «Finding Forester» did not have a father figure when he grew up; this reflected on him negatively. Jamal required William Forester as a father figure to advance in his writing. With Forester being a steady pillar for Jamal to stand on, his writing dreams could now become a reality. Jamal’s background became more than history, it became the backbone of his writing.

Jamal’s pessimistic surroundings neglected his ability to create meaningful passages. When he was a young child his mental image of the world was changed when his father abandoned his family. He tried to fit in through means of being a typical child. Jamal’s participation was just enough to not stick out amongst his fellow pears. He faced many challenges at home. Their family was relatively poor and he lived in a hectic environment. To cope with his unstable home he played basketball all the while treating his writing talents as just a hobby. Jamal’s pessimistic surroundings were worsened by not having a father.

William Forester became more than a friend to Jamal; he became the father figure he needed. Forester used his rudeness and concise actions to teach Jamal lessons not only about writing but life. Early on he showed Jamal that the world was mostly racist and that he must overcome their expectations. The friendship between Jamal and Forester was tested when Jamal was prosecuted for copywriting Foresters work. Through their daily meetings Jamal learned trust and the importance of family. He reflected this in a passage he wrote for Forrester. Jamal’s atypical background and new found father figure gave him a creative edge in his writing.

Although my life can never compare to Jamal’s I have had some experiences that he has not. I have had the privilege of experiencing excellence at its finest when visiting the Naval Academy. I can use the knowledge I have gained from going camping to add adventure to my writing. My biggest trait that I possess is, by far, my ability to create sarcasm. I can use this trait to write pieces with distinctive voice and harsh reality. All traits combined make for a creative comical adventure. It might be impossible to create such works of art as Jamal but with perseverance anything can happen.

Writing is an expression of ones personal thoughts and experiences. Acquiring a father figure has improved his writing the way others could not. The movie shows that nothing is more important than family. As a father figure William Forester gave Jamal’s life a more meaningful purpose. Jamal required William Forester as a father figure to advance in his writing. Jamal’s life greatly impacted his writing. His story shows how a childhood can affect a person’s accomplishments in the future.

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