Forest is the source of life — Лес: источник нашей жизни

Forest is the source of life - Лес: источник нашей жизни

Beautiful forests adorn the territory of our region. The forest is a source of life, an invaluable treasure of nature, a defender of man from an impending ecological crisis.
Use the gifts of the forest wisely, pay him attention and careful attitude for all that he gives you.

Remember: the most dangerous enemy of the forest is fire! What was created by nature for many years, can die from fire in a matter of hours or minutes.

In most cases, the cause of forest fires is the carelessness of those who come into the forest not as a zealous and thrifty owner, but an indifferent person who disregards the rules of fire safety in the forest. The fire in the forest can turn picturesque resting places into burners with charred trunks, shapeless heaps of fallen trees and pits after burning peat.

You need to know that when visiting the forest, you must strictly follow the rules of fire safety! It is forbidden to make fires in coniferous youngsters, on peatlands, cutting areas with logging residues and harvested wood, in places with dried grass, as well as under tree crowns. In other places, making fires is allowed only on the sites bordered by a strip cleared of combustible materials. The width of the strip is not less than 0.5 m. It is also impossible to leave the fire without extinguishing it until the decay is completely stopped. Do not smoke on the go, do not throw burning matches and cigarette butts. Do not litter your resting places with paper, cans, glassware and other waste. Be aware that even a piece of glass capable of focusing a sunbeam can cause a forest fire.

Finding a fire, take steps to suppress the fire, bring down the flame on the edge of the fire immediately cut green branches. Report the fire to the leshoz, the police or local authorities.

A healthy forest is full-flowing rivers, sustainable yields, and clean air. The forest feeds people and animals, protects life on the planet, and holds back the ecological crisis. There is no better place to rest than the forest, with its beauty, thoughtful and touching, with its diversity of animal world. So be careful, do not bring trouble to the forest by careless handling of fire!

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