Genocide in Darfur — Геноцид в Дарфуре

Genocide in Darfur - Геноцид в Дарфуре

Why should the United States have to be the country that has to help save everyone? The genocide in Darfur, a region in Sudan, has been happening since 2003 and not much attention or effort has been put on the crisis. It has been stated that the Arabs in Darfur think that they are the only good race and are murdering everyone else. The United States is the main leader in giving the Darfurians the aid and support they need. Although the United States has not yet given military aid many Americans are in favor of doing so. Yet there are others who oppose this issue and think that America should stop trying to save everyone and worry about our own problems. The United States should not give aid or military support to help stop the crisis in Darfur.

The United States should help aid in the genocide in Darfur, because it is inhumane for many innocent people to be murdered. Over two hundred thousand Darfurians have been killed and more than two million have been displaced. People should not be murdered just because of their race or what they look like. “The reason the United States must act to stop the genocide is because, as Martin Luther King said, “Man’s inhumanity to man is not only perpetuated by the vitriolic action of those who are bad, it is also perpetuated by the vitiating inaction of those who are good.” When the Nazi’s were killing the Jews we did not just let them keep going on a mass killing spree. America made it their goal to stop the Nazi’s from murdering any more Jewish people. This is the only reason that American should get involved in the crisis in Darfur. The United States already has a full plate to handle and does not need any extra problems.

America does not need to aid in the crisis in Darfur because we need to start worrying about our own problems instead of other countries issues. The United States has an enormous homeless population that our country should be more focused on. “The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty estimates some three million men, women, and children will be homeless for at least some part in 2002.” America should be putting our funds towards helping our own first then other countries like Sudan. Our country is also dealing with problems such as immigration. So far in 2007 there were over thirty seven million immigrants including over eleven million of them being illegal coming into the United States. We also need to be putting our money towards helping stop the illegal immigrant population from coming into our country. These problems need to be fixed before we start worrying about other countries. The United States is also involved in many other world problems that we need to end before we get involved in more issues.

America is currently involved in the war in Iraq, which poses another reason why our involvement in unnecessary in Darfur. The only way the crisis will end is if we send American troops to end the genocide. Sending money and aid will only suppress the crisis and help the people not the killing. Since that war was not suppose to last that long many Americans see that if the United States gets involved with Darfur it will become a never ending battle again. As a country we have spent billions of dollars, and millions per day on the war and lost so many lives the United States should not have to go through it again with Darfur. “The United States lacks the military resources to intervene almost everywhere and does not have the political will to sustain such operations indefinitely- a reality revealed by the American publics eroding support for the U.S. mission in Iraq.” Also if we start sending troops to Sudan the United States will lose focus on the war in Iraq, which should be our top priority because it deals with terrorism and the attack on the United States. If we lose focus on Iraq because we get involved with Darfur it could be disastrous to our country.

Another reason why we should not help the genocide in Darfur is because it will not benefit or affect the United States in any way. America seems to only help other countries if it is a benefit to us. Africa does not give us massive quantities of oil like the Middle East does, so there is no reason to send them troops to battle a genocide. The United States should just leave them alone and let Sudan figure out its own problems. We cannot always be the country that swoops in to save the world. Sudan is so far away from the United States that it will never affect our country in any way.

Sudan should get the surrounding countries in Africa to help aid in their crisis. It is not our problem to fix and America should not have to deal with it. The United States has been the leading country to help the Darfurians battle the crisis they are now dealing with. We have already allowed over 2.6 million refugees from Africa to resettle in the United States in the past thirty years according to the State Department. America has been helping countries in Africa for many years and it is now time for Africa to take charge and fix their continent. “Since the slaughter in Darfur does not threaten Western citizens, the solution to halting the genocide there must come from Africa, with the world’s help, not the other way around.” If Africa sees it has a problem they need to take the initiative in their own hands and figure out a solution to the crisis.

Also the government of Sudan does not even want the United State’s support nor the United Nations. Since they have been caught giving the rebels money and supplies to kill off all of the non-Arabs. The Independent editorial in Britain stated, “The Sudanese government opposes U.N. involvement in Darfur and is refusing to allow a U.N. mission to assess the situation. Only the citizens of Darfur need the United States to step in and help them. If we brought troops to Sudan then the Sudanese government would see the United States as trying to take over. This would upset the government to try and murder more innocent people. America has already done this in the war with Iraq and it does not see fit for us as a country to do it again. It would only create more conflict in Darfur then there was to start with. This again is another reason why the United States should not get involved in the genocide in Darfur.

America should not be concerned with the genocide in Darfur because it actually cannot be called a genocide, rather a crisis. A genocide is a systematic and planned killing of an entire national, racial, or political group. The United States President, who is George Bush, has been the only one to declare the mass killings a genocide. When in fact there is not enough information or true hard facts and events that this is a real genocide. It only looks on the outside as a genocide because so many people from the same race have been murdered. If the United States acted on the crisis and sent military troops to Sudan and there really was not a genocide then there would be consequences for our actions, which would create even more catastrophes. If anything it is the United Nations problem to fix and not the United States.

The United States should not be concerned with the crisis in Darfur because there is no way around fixing the situation without sending in military troops. The only reason we should even consider helping the region of Darfur is because it is inhumane and immoral to kill so many innocent victims. America already has enough problems within the borders of our country that we need to pay more attention to. In fact our country is currently involved with the war in Iraq, which should be our first priority since we are already there, not a “crisis”. The United Nations should be the ones to help alleviate the killings not the U.S. It is Africas problem and they need to start facing it instead of relying on everyone else.

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