Gifts for the holidays — Подарки на праздники

Gifts for the holidays - Подарки на праздники

Everyone in the world children and even adults love to receive gifts. Therefore, all the holidays of the year favorite and long-awaited.

Take, for example, the New year. This is perhaps the most amazing, magical and unpredictable day of the year. On the streets of the city odors of pine needles, tangerine peel and vanilla cakes. Each house sparkles with garlands elegant Christmas tree, and under it lie the gifts. To the festive bustle, good mood and solemn excitement is added an indescribable delight from the unexpected, but such a welcome gift.

Another wonderful holiday — Birthday. This day is for one person only. The most expensive relatives and friends who give gifts and prepare surprises for beloved birthday boy. He alone blows out the candles on a delicious cake and accepts congratulations.

Sometimes a gift can be given just like that, without any reason. For example, native people want to pamper the beloved child to ease his illness or to soften the bitterness of resentment.

The most important thing-is to make a gift from the heart, not because you were invited to visit. Such gifts are remembered for a long time and are very appreciated by those who got them. Sometimes adults for many years keep the lovely trinkets received as a gift in the childhood. They with a sad smile looking at them, and then carefully put back into his cubbyhole.

Gifts are not only great to receive, but also very nice to give. Choosing a gift to a dear person, you always imagine his enthusiastic eyes and a happy smile when he rejoices, holding it in his hands. The gift-giver himself becomes happy and warm in his heart.

Give gifts, do not skimp, and get them more often! Let human kindness, love and happiness come to your home with them.

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