Leopard: Africa’s animal — Леопард: животное Африки

Leopard: Africa's animal - Леопард: животное Африки

Leopard — a typical representative of large predatory cats. It is related to lions, tigers and jaguars. In total, up to 10 subspecies of this predator are distinguished.

Extraordinarily beautiful, swift and flexible, has a graceful head, long tail, strong, slender paws. Leopard gait is light, silent and majestic. The body length of a leopard is on average 160 cm (without a tail), height is 65 cm, weight is 65-75 kg. Males are larger than females. The animal’s skin is smooth, beautifully painted: dark rings are densely scattered on a yellow background.
As a rule, leopard ration consists of ungulates — roe deer, deer and antelope. Sometimes he can eat monkeys and rodents, as well as snakes and birds. Can hunt horses and sheep. Dogs and wolves and foxes are often affected by leopards. An animal for lack of food sometimes steals prey from its congeners.

Leopards came to Asia millions of years ago, from there they spread to Africa. And Africa has a lot of them, but in Asia there are no more than 100 of these predatory cats left.

Leopard is predominantly nocturnal. During the day, he often rests in the trees, where he also arranges ambushes for monkeys. Dared and careful, dexterous and impetuous, does not know fear. A leopard is an experienced hunter — the average weight of his prey is 25-50 kg, although he is able to crush a horse, a zebra and a gorilla.

Hunting from an ambush (near animal paths and at a watering place); sneaking up to the victim and overtaking her with powerful jumps; or just doing a quick jerk. With roe deer in the teeth, the large beast jumps 2-3 meters high. It develops speeds of up to 16–18 m/s, and jumps by 8–10 meters in length. It always takes prey to a tree, thus protecting it from other cats, hyenas and jackals. Easily adapts to a variety of habitats. Perfectly climbs trees and rocks.

Leopard has a delicate ear and sharp eyesight. Protective color of the beast well masks it. Even experienced hunters can not always notice it. A leopard produces a tail that always hangs down from a tree, and when the beast is excited, the tip of the tail moves. The average life expectancy of leopards is 12–15 years. In the zoo lives to 20 years.

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