Medicine as a field of human activity — Медицина как область человеческой деятельности

Medicine as a field of human activity - Медицина как область человеческой деятельности

Medicine is a separate and very important field of human activity, which is aimed at studying various processes in the human body, treating and preventing various diseases. Medicine investigates both old and new diseases, develops new methods of treatment, drugs and procedures.

It has always occupied the highest place in a person’s life, since ancient times. With the only difference that the ancient physicians were based either on personal small knowledge or on their own intuition in the treatment of diseases, while modern physicians are based on achievements and new inventions.

Although many discoveries have already been made over the centuries-old history of medicine, methods have been found for treating diseases that were previously considered incurable, everything is developing — there are new methods of treatment, diseases are progressing and so on to infinity. No matter how much humanity discovers new drugs, no matter how much it comes up with how to treat the same disease, no one can guarantee that in a few years we will not see the same disease, but in a completely different, new form. Therefore, humanity will always have something to strive for and an activity that can be improved more and more.

Medicine helps people to cure everyday illnesses, helps in prevention with various infections, but it also cannot be omnipotent. There are still quite a lot of various unexplored diseases, inaccurate diagnoses, incorrect approaches to cure the disease. Medicine cannot provide 100% reliable protection and assistance to people. But the point is not only in insufficiently known diseases. Recently, there are many alternative methods of healing, the terms chakra correction, restoring energy balance, are no longer surprising. Such a human ability as clairvoyance can also be used to diagnose, predict the course of development of certain diseases, complications.

Many people too late begin to think about the wealth that is given to them from birth — about their health. This does not mean that you need to diligently pump up your body with vitamins, torture yourself with exercise or fasting. Such an overly УhealthyФ approach will also not be beneficial. It is much more important to observe reasonable limits. This also applies to healthy nutrition and moderate regular physical activity, personal hygiene, etc.

Very often, people begin to think that they do not watch, but simply ruin their health only after a serious illness or even near death. Although for some, even such a reason is not the deciding factor. The best human contribution to your own life is to take care of your own health.

Medicine, as a science, is a component of many other sciences — anatomy, genetics, biology, physiology, and more.
All these sciences are inextricably linked, so discoveries in one field carry their additions to another. The development of medicine does not stand in one place. Therefore, all found more and more high-quality drugs, treatments for previously incurable diseases, developed more high-quality equipment.

Thus, medicine can help more people prevent the occurrence of diseases or help to cope with them as quickly as possible and with better quality.

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