My acquaintance with England — Англия: мое знакомство

My acquaintance with England - Англия: мое знакомство

Рассказ о Англии на английском языке и моем первом знакомстве с ней под названием «My acquaintance with England». Этот текст для тренировки в чтение с переводом.

I’ve never traveled before, but I’m sure it will become my hobby. From early childhood I loved to look at the world maps and explore new countries. Instead of cartoons and movies on my TV constantly broadcast programs about travel and the history of the world. Although I have never been abroad, but I already know exactly which country, I will fly for the first time. My favorite country is England. This is an amazing state of Western Europe, which is located on the Islands of great Britain.

I started my acquaintance with England in elementary school at English lessons. Studying the texts about this country, I went deeper and deeper into its history and culture. My passion went beyond the lessons, and I started looking for information.

Next time I heard about England from my aunt. She returned from a trip to the UK and enthusiastically began to tell and share their own experiences. Extraordinarily beautiful nature and friendly Englishmen forever etched in the memory of my aunt. London is the capital of England, piled up with a large number of interesting places and world-famous historical monuments. The most famous is Westminster Abbey or St. Peter’s Basilica in Westminster. It is a symbol of the city and a traditional place of coronation of British monarchs and burials of British monarchs. The highlight of this place is the whisper gallery, where you can whisper something from one side and hear it in the opposite direction. In the capital, a lot of parks and gardens, the famous zoo and «butterfly House». London is a musical place.

There are many famous musicians created their own music and performed hits. It is worth visiting the «Hard rock cafe», which was a group of» Beatles», Elvis Presley, Elton John, Mick Jagger and many other stars. Another symbol of London is the tower bridge.

Tourists love to look at the majestic structure, so during the opening there is a show with music and lighting accompaniment. Big Ben is the clock tower of Westminster Palace. Every hour she beats the bell, the sound of which extends to hundreds of meters. It is also worth paying attention to the British Museum in London, which is one of the largest museums in the world. In recent years, nights at the Museum have become popular. Everyone can spend the whole night at the Museum and listen to the terrible stories and legends. A special and magical place in England is Stonehenge. Around him reigns many legends and stories, but to this day is not known clue of its creation and existence for many years. Northumberland has the largest number of castles and battlefields. The most famous and interesting place of this County is Hadrian’s wall and Northumberland national Park.

England is a beautiful country, which is filled with many interesting places. Therefore, every tourist is obliged to visit this country and experience all the privileges of English life.

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