My journey — Мое путешествие

My journey - Мое путешествие

Рассказ о моем путешествии на английском языке под названием «My journey». Этот текст для тренировки в чтение с переводом.

Travelling is always exciting. In General, I believe that, how many languages do you know, so many times you are a man. And how many countries you visit, so many worlds have your inner world! However, I can disagree with only one thing: not everyone can travel abroad, but it is never necessary to delay with any opportunity to visit somewhere!

I have visited only a few countries in my life, but I hope that I will have more opportunities in the future. After all, travel gives us access to other cultures, allow us to look at how people live in other countries, how they think, their values, life priorities.

For example, once we were on vacation in Germany. This country struck me with its order and purity. And it’s not only clean streets, but also how people relate to the order in the yard. At the shops, shops, stops they feel at home. No one will ever throw a cigarette butt under his feet, spit, throw a piece of paper or some garbage. In transport, people always pay for expensive travel, not even thinking about what you can drive «Bunny». Our relative who lives there, told us such phrase: «Not to pay taxes, journey Yes utilities-it means to plunder itself, we for ourselves do all this!». That is, people there have a completely different type of thinking.

I’ve also been to Poland. There I was struck by the attitude of the poles to themselves and their nationality. They are very proud that they were born in this country, and it’s not just empty words, as often happens with us. They do not shy or their language or culture, will never allow itself to insult or humiliate. This is a great respect, because people who respect themselves and respect is simply impossible! Sometimes I think that this may hide one of the problems of the Russian: how can you demand recognition from the world, when at home we can allow ourselves to disgrace, pollute everything around, deceive?

Thus, travel and travel abroad give rise to a lot of reflection, and analysis of what kind of world we live in? What do we want him to be? What do you need to do in order to build a dream country?

But I also like to travel in Russia. It is unusually big and beautiful, its nature is very diverse and beautiful. For example, in the West of Karelia there are mountains, mountain rivers and lakes of indescribable beauty. There is very clean air, friendly people. This region has a lot of forest, very beautiful scenery. And the black sea atmosphere is quite different — there is a fun holiday can vary measured rest in the quiet corners of the sea coast. I am also very Baikal, on which my family rested three times. This lake is very gentle, the nature there is just incredible! There are going to rest even people from other countries is the pride of Russia. They like Russian hospitality, cuisine and nature.

I had to visit different parts of Russia: the West, the South, the East. Different people live everywhere. Somewhere more communicate only in Russian, and somewhere-in their national. Where the Catholics live, where Orthodox and Muslims, but Russia is a multinational country, but that she is famous for. This is the beauty of our country — its wealth. Everywhere we were warmly received, enthusiastically told about their region, translating the legends of his land, on which the whole of Russia is so rich that it is sometimes breathtaking!

I love to travel. For me, every journey is a small adventure that leaves eternal memories for a lifetime. After such trips I can’t forget neither the breath of nature of the region where we were, nor those people, I always dream to return to the same place. But then you realize he is still so much unknown still so much to see! I hope that my future life will develop in such a way that I will always have the strength, desire and opportunity to travel!

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