Nature of Scotland — Природа Шотландии

Nature of Scotland - Природа Шотландии

The expanses of this country have a purely northern attractiveness, evoke calm, pacify, relax, help to find harmony in your soul. In addition, the nature of Scotland is very diverse: it is both green hills, and huge clear lakes («suckers»), and rather high mountain ranges. Practically every lover of northern beauties can find in the Scottish panorama what is sweet to his heart.

What is the nature of Scotland?

Interestingly, many researchers notice that the character of the Scots, their calmness, self-confidence and military character inherent in this nation were largely shaped due to the special climate of Scotland reigning in the country and the peculiarities of the local nature. By the way, it is precisely with this that the inclination of the Scots to constant internal wars, which often manifest themselves throughout their history, is connected — only one fifth of all the lands are suitable for farming throughout the country!

Sco-Scottish Highlands — separated by lowlands adjacent to the seashore, characterized by a large number of valleys.

Middle-Scottish lowland — lies between two bays: Firth of Forth and Firth of Clyde. At the moment, this mountainous area is very populated and inhabited at a fairly serious level.

The mountains of Scotland are not divided into distinct mountain ranges, from a height they can be assessed as an unsystematic set of individual mountain peaks.

The highest mountain in Scotland is Mount Ben Nevis, but on a global scale, its height is rather small — only 1,343 meters above sea level. There are several mountains in the Scottish mountain system, which are about 1,200 meters high, but most of the mountain elevations are about 900 meters high.

The most agricultural part of Scotland is located on the east coast, where there is a fairly large plain and several ever-fertile river valleys.

An important role in the nature of Scotland is played by the lakes, as well as the famous green Scottish hills.

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