Police profession — Профессия полицейский

Police profession - Профессия полицейский

Until recently, police could only be seen in foreign films or on the streets of other countries. But since 2011, the police have appeared here as well, they have replaced the militiamen.

It should be said that the police is not a new phenomenon for Russia, it existed under Peter I. At that time, the police, besides ensuring security, were engaged in the publication of laws and even participated in religious ceremonies. Later, the main task of the police became concern for public order. After the popular uprisings and the change of the political regime in 1917, the police ceased to exist (the police began to follow the order) and was revived only after almost 100 years.

A modern policeman can be recognized by a special uniform and the presence of a pistol, a rubber truncheon, and handcuffs. Such “tools of labor” are necessary for him in cases where violators refuse to maintain order and the police officer is forced to use force.

A policeman is the chief guard of public order. No major event can be imagined without police officers. And on other days, police officers on duty patrol the streets of each city.

The policeman ensures that the health and property of law-abiding citizens is in complete safety. With those who violate the law, the policeman acts a little differently. In this case, the police officer is fully responsible for the offender and therefore cannot inflict bodily injuries on him (it is allowed to use force only in extreme cases).

The policeman also conducts lectures and conversations in various organizations (including among schoolchildren), examines complaints submitted to him.

Currently, the Police profession is considered to be very popular in the labor market. Many firms and many enterprises need qualified specialists in this field, because the industry is developing rapidly, and specialists are just getting educated.

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