Saint Petersburg — Санкт Петербург

Saint Petersburg - Санкт Петербург

Northern Palmyra, Venice of the North, the cultural capital of Russia, a window to Europe, the city over the free Neva – which only does not exist epithets for St. Petersburg. The city of St. Peter and is not named after its founder and the first Emperor of the country, the name draws the eyes much further into the depths of history – to the times of Christ.

St. Peter was one of the closest apostles of Christ and is the basis of the Christian faith, which is of great importance for Russia.

There are a lot of religious buildings in the city, but there is not a certain religion and even culture. St. Petersburg is known for its multiculturalism and if people go to Moscow to work, to build a career, then come to St. Petersburg to develop creative capital.

As well as any metropolis Petersburg is heterogeneous, the center is different from the suburbs as the capital of the province. Nevertheless, the city is really different in many ways a certain cultural level, which is caused by the former status of the capital toli, toli family traditions, living here for centuries intellectuals. Perhaps have their own role and educational institutions, of which the city has a significant number.

St. Petersburg is a city of unique architecture. Being the abode of the Royal families for three centuries, it became a haven for many palaces that extend from the center (Winter Palace, Mikhailovsky castle and others) to distant suburbs, such as, for example, the Gatchina Palace. Many grandiose creators worked here on a variety of buildings, a significant part of which has survived to this day.

Because of this, so beautiful historical part of the city, which extends to a significant space. It is not only about the center, but also about the spaces to the bypass channel, Vasilievsky island and others. There are still many houses that were previously mansions of important citizens.
As well as unique houses, many residents of this city are also unique. In St. Petersburg, indeed, every house is home to a poet, and beautiful music flows in the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of the city like the charming rivers and canals of the city.

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