School uniform — Школьная форма

School uniform - Школьная форма

Well, what kind of orders are these? Why did you enter the form? What we like from the incubator! How often we said this at school, but we never thought that uniform brings us together, when we are dressed in the same uniform, we are not divided into social classes according to the income level of the parents. We are a team.

School uniform is all the same discipline and order, it is cleanliness and accuracy, this is the rule for everyone. But let’s talk about the fact that students often take examples from teachers. What do our teachers look like? But they still look like they make money. If the teacher is by vocation, then he has a strict and official look, and if the teacher came, because at home it’s boring and there is no place to put his talents, you shouldn’t expect him to understand and accept the rule about form.

Of course, it would be desirable that not only students, but also the teaching staff wore such forms. But I think this is something of a fantasy. I do not understand one thing, if it is necessary to take an example from an adult, then why do adults themselves forget to give it?

In the school, where the rules for wearing school uniform are introduced, unity and equality are present. Only here is the difference in the other. Some parents can afford to buy several sets of this form and the child can change it every day and always be clean, but there are those who agree to one set with a stretch. And who suffers? Of course, baby. I do not think it’s nice to go to an educational institution in a negligee. And it is not always possible to wash it, and it can not always dry in a couple of hours.

To be honest, I don’t mind school uniforms, but I just don’t want this uniform to look like a bag. And the fabric would be a little different quality, well, then already the color at the same time.

When my parents went to school, they had a uniform, but the teachers were also dressed appropriately. There were all kinds of rewards for a perfectly ironed and clean form, on the rulers they told about tidy and diligent students. And the current generation is a riot. Revolt against everything and everyone, regardless of whether they are right or not. Just go against everyone. This is the same situation with school uniforms. Maybe they like it, but they will not wear it just because of the principle.

In some countries, it is still allowed to walk in what is convenient. But think for yourself, you don’t really want to think about lessons when a half-naked eleventh grader is sitting in front of you. And it is unlikely at this time she thinks about the lessons, if she allowed herself to come to school in this outfit. Not decent to go to a public place in sweatpants. Where are the pants and shirt? Where are the beautiful scarves? Form in school!!!

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