Shopping for women and men — Шоппинг для женщин и мужчин

Shopping for women and men - Шоппинг для женщин и мужчин

Текст про шоппинг на английском языке под названием «Shopping for women and men». Этот топик для тренировки в чтение с переводом.

It is customary to think about men that they do not like shopping and rarely do so. As a result of this common opinion, the entire trading system, from packaging design, advertising of goods to the interior design of a store, is aimed primarily at female buyers.

Women really like to shop more: calmly go shopping, see products, compare quality and prices, talk to sellers, ask them questions, try on selected things and finally pay for purchases. Most purchases are made by women, and usually they do it with pleasure.

Compared to women, men in stores look like stray bullets. Men move along the aisles of the store faster than women, and also spend less time looking at the goods. In many cases, it is difficult to draw their attention to anything that they were not going to buy. Usually they don’t like to ask where the department is located with the goods they need, and they don’t like to ask questions to the sellers.

You can see a man who with a determined gait goes to the right section, takes some thing and almost immediately goes to pay for it, without having experienced any apparent joy about the purchase. You need to literally give way to him. If a man takes a thing in the fitting room, then the only reason why he will not buy it later is that it did not fit him in size.

If women try on the chosen things, even if they fit them perfectly, this does not mean that the purchase will be made. A woman can refuse it for any other reasons. As a result of one of the studies, we obtained the following results: 65% of those men who visited the fitting room, bought the chosen things, compared with 25% of female customers.

Be that as it may, in our day men have begun to go shopping a lot more. This trend will continue. As they remain idle all the time, they have to learn to buy things that their fathers never cared about. Considering also the fact that men marry women who work long and hard, they will have to take on an increasing part of their purchases. Those manufacturers, traders and designers who give due attention to male buyers and seek to take into account their interests in the process of sale and purchase will be a great success in this century.

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