Shrek is a green Ogre who married a Princess — Шрек: зеленый орк, женившийся на прицессе

Shrek is a green Ogre who married a Princess - Шрек: зеленый орк, женившийся на прицессе

Huge growth uncouth green org Shrek has become one of the most beloved characters of modern animation. Shrek is a bit rude, does not recognize any etiquette and does not want to know anything about the rules of polite behavior. He’s used to taking care of himself.

Shrek likes to swim in the mud, eat eyes and toads, gas, in General, he is a real Ogre. Despite this, Shrek is a good-natured and honest fellow. He is always ready to help and never expects gratitude from those whom he helped. His strength and sense of justice are others that causes Shrek to get into various conflicts. In the struggle for the restoration of justice reveals the nature of Shrek, his perseverance, fortitude, courage.

He knows how to understand and take to heart the problems of other people. Shrek, unwittingly, is always a winner in any situation. Strong, but timid in the soul, the hero performs feats as if by accident. And if it were not for the Donkey who followed him on the road, Shrek would never be able to assess their capabilities, because he is not accustomed to attach great importance to the good deeds that he constantly performs.

The turning point in Shrek’s life is his meeting with Princess Fiona, who he saved from the tower of the dragon. Shrek tries his best to show Fiona that he doesn’t care about her, but love is already emerging in his soul. This strange and incomprehensible feeling reveals to Shrek the inner world of the green giant. It turns out that he can be gentle, touching, lyrical, sympathetic and understanding the world of beauty. And if at the beginning of the story we see Shrek rude and sloppy, after a meeting with Fiona, he gradually turns into a hero, ready not only to perform crazy feats, but also to sacrifice his life for his beloved.

The image of Shrek is the embodiment of all the best and noble qualities of a real man.

In the first cartoon Shrek lives in a lonely house in the swamp, leads a measured life of a single, than, like, very happy. But still his rest is disturbed by the fantastic heroes expelled by Lord Farquaad from the Kingdom of Duloc. To get rid of them Shrek has to make a number of feats, which leads him to marry Princess Fiona (she is also an Ogre)

In the second cartoon Shrek defends his identity and fights with the fairy for the heart of Fiona (she wants to marry her cute and superficial nephew). As a result, he is improving relations with his father-in-law.

In the third part, the main problem for Shrek is paternity, to which he is not mentally ready. He dreams about the hosts ograt, but he humbles himself to such a prospect, as he loves his wife. When Fiona is allowed triplets, Shrek realizes that children-it’s not so horrible, although quite problematic.

In the fourth film, Shrek has another personality crisis-he is experiencing that he has become a tourist attraction, mired in routine and lost his Ogre essence. Even his signature terrifying roar now scares no one, not even children. In despair, Shrek enters into a contract with the evil dwarf Rumplestiltskin to live another day like a real Ogre. And he made sure that you have to be very careful in your desires.

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