Sights of USA — США и ее достопримечательности

Sights of USA - США и ее достопримечательности

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The United States of America is recognized as one of the largest countries in the world. They include 50 individual states, each of which has what to see visitors. Every year several million visitors receive the USA. Definitely it is impossible to say what exactly attracts so many people. Everyone pursues his personal goals. Someone wants to learn and improve English, someone to find a prestigious and promising job. But many still go to see the historically famous places and architectural structures.

To look at all the sights of the country, a month here will not manage. In addition, for many, the United States remains a distant and incomprehensible sacrament. For example, if a Russian is going to visit the States, then he will have to fly all day by plane.

This country occupies a leading position in the number of attractions. The most famous of them are:

Statue of Liberty. Long since this monument is considered a symbol of the country. Which was donated by the United States by the French government. The author of the project is architect F. Batoldi, a native of France. At the bottom of the monument is a museum. Located in New York.

Skyscraper Empire State Building. The construction began in the 1930s. Construction progressed with incredible speed and was 14 months. It was once the tallest in the world with a height of almost 500 meters, and has 102 floors. This skyscraper is used by large companies as an advertising move, decorated on the eve of holidays. Usually often use various kinds of lights. Located in the state of New York.

Hollywood. The city is located in Florida. It is associated with the life of cinema, because it is here that the largest film companies and movie stars are located. You can visit the glory avenue — this is the kind of pavement along the boulevard, fully lined with five-pointed stars, on which the names of famous people are written.

Golden Gate Bridge. This bridge is a junction of the two banks of the famous Golden Gate. He has long attracted people, therefore, there were a large number of design solutions. The very first who announced the idea of ​​building was the US emperor Norton I. The bridge was created in January 1933. Construction lasted for 4 years. Initially, it was open only to pedestrians, and then to road transport. Previously, he was even considered the 8th wonder of the world. It is believed that this place attracts suicides.

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