Sightseeing In Great Britain — Достопримечательности в Великобритании

Sightseeing In Great Britain - Достопримечательности в Великобритании

Great Britain consists of such countries as England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. These countries are filled with special beauty and elegance, which attracts tourists and residents. In addition to the true beauty, the UK countries are full of traditions that scare and at the same time beckon with their mystery. However, the most interesting thing in the UK is its attractions.

The Palace of Westminster has many corridors and rooms in which the meetings are held, meetings, etc., However the main attraction of this Palace is the clock tower called big Ben. Besides the fact that big Ben decorates the Palace and gives it a noble look, it is the brightest architectural symbol.

An ancient castle, the walls of which keep a lot of secrets. The castle was built by Edward I. The purpose of this structure was to strengthen the position of great England in Wales. Bomaris is striking in its grandeur. Many assume that this castle is an invulnerable structure.

If you want to plunge into the past, you are welcome to the British Museum, which is the main historical and archaeological Museum. The dimensions of this building are huge (94 galleries), so the Museum is the largest in the world. The Museum was formed in 1753 and pleases the eye with its exhibits to this day.

The seventh century is the founding date of Westminster, which is the main political center of great Britain. It is here that the most important issues and problems that concern the country and its inhabitants are solved.

This Cathedral is a unique and majestic building. Its peculiarity is the huge stained glass Windows that have been preserved since the middle ages. York Minster takes the second place among the largest medieval temples. The first place is occupied by the Cologne Cathedral.

Canterbury castle proudly bears the title of»the main English temple of great Britain». And it really is. The size of this castle is simply amazing. No less disturbing is the soul and mystery of this place. The main attraction of the castle is the painting «Apostle Paul with a snake.»

Great Britain is truly a beautiful country! And this is not all the attractions of the UK that are worth visiting. However, I do not have the opportunity. But I’m not desperate. After all, the Internet is full of high-quality photos and videos that will take me there for a few moments.

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