Summer holidays — Летние каникулы

Summer holidays - Летние каникулы

Текст про летние каникулы на английском языке под названием «Summer holidays». Этот топик для тренировки в чтение с переводом.

If you ask students about their favorite time of the year, almost everyone, without exception, will answer that this is summer. And it is not surprising, because summer is a bright and amazing time of long-awaited summer holidays, which children love most.

What to do in the summer.

Summer holidays are three long months of rest without school, lessons and homework. This is the sun, fresh air, walks in nature and relaxation by the river or the sea. During the summer holidays you can deservedly spend the day with friends and enjoy free time. Very often, parents organize trips for children to summer camps, which is a great opportunity to spend your leisure time and make interesting acquaintances. In addition, it is during this summer, fabulous period, you can visit your relatives in a village or another city, and stay with them for as long as you like.

Features a summer holiday.

During the summer holidays, each student legally plans his free time on his own, filling it with various types of activity at will. Summer gives everyone hundreds of unique opportunities to spend it unforgettably. Even the simplest camping in the forest for berries and mushrooms takes on a different meaning in the summer.

In this marvelous time there is no need to hurry anywhere and look at the time. This period is intended to ensure that each student has a good rest after a long academic year and gaining fresh strength for the new. Summer is a chance to get a tremendous boost of energy and to adequately come on September 1 to the school solemn line with new forces and new fresh ideas.

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