The role of holidays in our lives — Праздники и их роль в нашей жизни

The role of holidays in our lives - Праздники и их роль в нашей жизни

Each holiday has its own history, each of them has roots, traditions and customs, as a result of which there was a habit to distinguish one day from another.

What is a holiday for each of us? What role do they play in our lives?

Holidays play a huge role in human life.

For one it is an occasion to stay in a cozy home circle closer to family and friends, for another it is an opportunity to gather a cheerful company of friends or to distract from boring daily Affairs and to cheer up emotionally. But, of course, one thing is clear, on this magical day, when even in the air hovers a special magical atmosphere, which has an unusual spiritual rise even the most notorious skeptic and cynic, you will hear the most sincere and kind wishes and congratulations.

The solemn event can be called a light in the window of our lives.

The red day of the calendar can be called a chance to see, learn, feel something new, unusual, bright, what we call a miracle and magic. Only on this day, usually serious adults can not be afraid of condemnation from the side, laugh and have fun like little children, feel like a child again, and make their most secret dreams and desires.

Holidays are different family-wedding Day, Birthday or Anniversary; religious — Easter, Maslenitsa, Christmas; international — day 8 March, Valentine’s Day; professional — police Day, teacher’s Day.

There are celebrations of a different type, for example, of a national character. Victory Day, City Day, national unity Day or Defender of the Fatherland Day. All these celebrations are aimed at showing unity, unity of the nation, pride in their homeland, its power and strength.

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