True existence — Истинное существование

True existence - Истинное существование

A waking life is what we all live but sometimes we cannot decipher whether or not we are awake. Wiley Wiggins quest to find if this world that he lives in is a realm of thought or the real thing, brings you the views of many passionate individuals that make you think and ask questions about your very own existence. The movie lets you look into a realm where a young boy cannot determine if he is viewing life as a conches human or if he is in some type of dream state.

The film takes you along as he travels on a quest for truths meeting very eccentric people with wild minds and views on how things are an Alta bee. As you watch these different charters express their views so passionately you cannot help but think to yourself about what the living life is all about. What is your importance, and why do I have the ability to think about all of it? The following is a look at three ideas that came to me while watching these events take place.

I the early stage of the film wiley is cked up by a captin of the streets who steers this vessel making you question many things. This ship sets you adrift out onto a voyage for knowledge and answers to questions about are true existence that really sets your mind up for the rest of the film.
First is this idea that we are selling are waking life for minimal wage really made me think how true that statement is. As a society are culture has reached a point where we must work.

You cannot survive without some type of financial income to support yourself with. Without an education of at least high school or better finding good satisfying work is very hard, so hard inn fact its almost to the point where it doesn’t even exist. Corporate America has taken over having an influence on everyone from the wealthy down to the less fortunate people in poverty that normally aren’t effected by politics and corporate mergers as the more wealthy classes are but, now have to worry if a machine is going to take over ones job. We are constantly trying to do better at work and have a better job, but we are missing the true experiences that make are lives so important.

I think the Indians knew best on how to live very simple fulfilled lives with great spirit and sole implemented in their day to day lives. Today we are so infatuated with quotas and the next marketing campaign we don’t realize what living is all about. In today’s modern society work is referred to as the rat race and we really are lab rats running around with corporate America watching down on us looking like worker bees franticly scrambling to make deadlines and arrive on time while the top CEO’s take all the earnings.

Even this concept of time is bogus we manufactured this idea of breaking the day into different hours of time. Yes I know time itself exists because I see things changing around me, so there has been an obvious elapse of time, but it doesn’t need to be monitored every waking moment like someone in critical care. We plan our lives around this concept of time with the constant thought of, are we going to have enough time to do this, or get there, and I have to be at work no later than six its sad that we have lost touch with are spirits.

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