Viktor Tsoi: Russian is famous — Виктор Цой: российская знаменитость

Viktor Tsoi: Russian is famous - Виктор Цой: российская знаменитость

Born on June 21, 1962 in Leningrad.

In 1969 I went to school, but until I finished eight classes, I changed three schools. From 1974 to 1977, in the biography of Tsoi, he studied at a secondary art school. At this time, the group «Chamber number 6» was formed. In 1977, Viktor Tsoi enters the art school of Serov, from which, literally the next year, he is excluded for low academic performance. After that, he is trained in woodcarving at SSPTU.

In 1981, Tsoi, together with Alexei Rybin and Oleg Valinsky, formed the Kino group. Boris Grebenshchikov, having noticed by chance Tsoi’s talent, offers his help, contributes to the recording of the first “Cinema” album. After the album was distributed, the band recorded new songs.

During the second rock festival, the group received the title of laureate, and one of the songs was named the best anti-war. After the second title of the winner «Kino» creates several songs that have become popular and brought even greater fame in the biography of Viktor Tsoi.

Then Victor participates in the filming of several films (“Yo-hha”, “The End of Vacations”, “Rock”, “Assa”). At the following rock club festivals, the Kino group receives prizes for the best lyrics, for creative coming of age.

After the film “Needle”, as well as the release of the album “Blood Type”, the popularity of Choi, and with it “Kino”, instantly grew. The next genius album «Cinema» in the biography of Tsoi was «A Star Called the Sun».

At the same time (1989), Victor is called the best actor at the Odessa film festival “Golden Duke”. Concerts of the group are held in Japan.

Tsoi records songs for a new album, but suddenly dies in a car accident. At the end of 1990, after the death of Victor, the last Black Album of the group was released. Since then, the history of the musician has been told in documentaries, many songs have been dedicated to him, and fans have written “Tsoi Wall” with inscriptions.

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