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The Roman Empire The Roman Empire / Римская империя The Roman Empire had a huge task in front of them while it was first starting out and while it was becoming a dominant dynasty in the early civilizations. The main problem that the book "Discovering the Global Past" points out is how the Roman Empire found itself growing a little too quickly. The Roman Empire started out very small...


U.S. Financial System U.S. Financial System / Финансовая система США Corporations have the need to raise capital for a number of reasons. Smaller firms need capital to start up operations. Larger firms need capital to expand operations and to finance inventory. There are various ways in which a firm can raise capital through the financial system and numerous individuals and entities...


Microburst Microburst / Микропорыв There are many safety factors that pilots have to take into consideration while completing a safe flight. Everything has to be taken into mind when planning a flight. From weight and balance to preflight inspections. One safety factor that is impossible to have control over is weather. There are many aspects of weather that can affect an aircraft,...


Romanian Orphanages Romanian Orphanages / Румынские сироты Imagine a hospital that, at one time ran smoothly helping the public, now with the primary objection of taking care of the thousands of abandoned infants and children. This is the reality in Romania when Nicolae Ceausescu was in power. In 1966 he created an Anti-Abortion/Contraception law in order to raise the population and...


Introducing Christian Ethics Introducing Christian Ethics / Введение в христианскую этику The book that I have chosen to do my book review on is Introducing Christian Ethics, written by Henlee H. Barnette. This book deals with many Christian ethical decisions based on biblical foundations that are applied to various major problems. Some of the major problems pertain to the self,...



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Walmart (американская компания)

WalmartWhether or not Wal-Mart is good for America, it raises many controversial issues. Wal-Mart is a very powerful and rich company. It is in fact the largest private leading company in the world. It employs over hundreds and thousands of employees. This superstore creates everyday living necessity at a low and affordable price with their famous slogan, “everyday low prices.” People go to Wal-Mart in search for bargains on items where they might have to pay more elsewhere. They create a one-stop, no hassling shopping experience where you can find everything you would possibly need in one place at a reasonable price. However, it was not easy for Wal-Mart to be able to provide great buys at low price. Wal-Mart has the reputation of being careless and an immoral company that neglects their own employees with low wages and expensive health care insurance. Wal-Mart may be criticized by many other as tyranny in the retail business world; however they lack to see how Wal-Mart really benefits America.

From small towns to big towns, Wal-Mart has been launching new store locations almost on a daily basis all over the world. Many people have rejected the proposal to have Wal-Mart enter their town fear of destroying many small local businesses. Wal-Mart sells a lot of variety of products from hair products to clothes to electronics and others; it is highly impossible for anyone else in the same business to have fair competition. They have the ability to cut their prices with the result of selling more of that product. Small local businesses do not have that advantage. It is very difficult for small businesses to survive in an area where there is a Wal-Mart around. Wal-Mart has a great variety of items for sale. Wal-Mart’s variety is beyond control. To really survive as a local business, you would either need to beat Wal-Mart’s price or offer something that Wal-Mart does not carry. Why go to a family business to purchase a good that is readily available at Wal-Mart, the store where you can trust to get a good bargain? You don’t. Wal-Mart is here for the good. Yes, they might destroy many businesses but to run a business, you need to look out for the consumers, see what products they are interested in and at what cost they would be willing to spend for them.

Even though Wal-Mart might be around other businesses, it does not necessary mean that other business are doing bad or will go out of business. Even if Wal-Mart offers the best price around, that does not mean everyone is doing all of their shopping at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is simply just a choice of low prices with consumer seeking great bargains. Because of this, Wal-Mart destroyed many businesses leaving people jobless and unable to make a living. They failed to realize that with Wal-Mart growing, more and more jobs are created to balance unemployment. They create more jobs everyday than a small business can afford.

The disadvantage of Wal-Mart is the employment environment. The employees of Wal-Mart are being mistreated. The months of employment before benefits starts has been increased and the wages are extremely low. However, Wal-Mart offers a chance for an increase in employment. For some people who are in need of a job, Wal-Mart offers more job opportunities. An increase in job opportunities will cause the social status of a small town to rise. Wal-Mart can allow a small town to grow economically.

The sole purpose of Wal-Mart is to provide lower cost of consumption to the consumers everywhere. They benefit the consumers who are unable to afford expensive, lavish things. They help the single mother out there who is trying to get back on her feet while supporting her children. With Wal-Mart around, they are able to purchase products with brand without paying an extra couple cents to dollars they normally would. They support those family less blessed than everyone else with a chance to buy products they couldn’t afford elsewhere. All Wal-Mart is really doing is keeping the costs down which benefits the consumer while keeping their profits up thus making the economy grow. People contribute to the economy by making purchases helping the economy circles. Wal-Mart increases the competition between retailers, thus stimulating the economy. Small businesses out there are complaining about how Wal-Mart is destroying their businesses. But if business out there cannot handle the competition, then they shouldn’t be around. Wal-Mart gets their products in bulk which allows them to adjust the prices lower to still make profits. Wal-Mart have the advantages of doing business with China, when in the years to come, China would be the center of all businesses and trade. Wal-Mart is one step ahead of all business soon to realize that all resources are found within China.

Just because Wal-Mart offers “everyday low prices” doesn’t mean that it is the only place to go. If Wal-Mart is doing well, it simply means that people of America are supporting Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart started as a small business as well. Over years and years they have become the largest company. If Wal-Mart is bad for America, then they wouldn’t be the largest company around. Yes, Wal-Mart might not be as perfect in certain aspect like how they treat their employees or how the low prices come with high cost. But, overall Wal-Mart has employed over thousands and thousands of employees creating a job for them doing something family business cannot do. They become extremely successful is because us, the consumers. The consumers are supporting their way of conducting business whether it is moral or not. We are supporting it by shopping there. By shopping at Wal-Mart you can buy something that would normally cost more elsewhere, but at Wal-Mart you can get a really good buy. It weird how the main focus on Wal-Mart is the environment they created for their employees. How about other companies? Other companies might have the same working environment as Wal-Mart with bad benefit and high cost of insurance. Why doesn’t anyone pay attention to that? Is it just merely the fact that Wal-Mart is profiting to a point that they have no competition?

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