What is design — Что такое дизайн

What is design - Что такое дизайн

«Design is not how an item looks, but how it works» (jobs, Stephen Paul)
Today by substantial holders of prestigious cottages, and the happy couple, who entered a one-room «Khrushchev,» I want the decor was beautiful and comfortable, and most importantly – unique, reflecting their interests and tastes.And if the interior, attracted in a glossy magazine, does not fit into your reality, it’s time to ask for help from the designer.

Interior design is the owner’s personal therapist. Thanks to harmoniously selected interior design, a person feels more confident and calmer. Harmoniously matched interior design is a kind of shelter from stress.

In the modern world, interior design is the same attribute as a good car, business suit, prestigious watches, etc.

In the interior design of any room there are so-called interior styles.

In what style to make you your interior? Style is the language of expression of the main idea of the design project. Interior styles are different, but they all depend on your Outlook, character and habits. The style of your interior should emphasize your individuality.

Nowadays there are a whole lot of different activities that all come together under one tag – design. This applies to the Internet, household items, food, toys and interior, cars and portable equipment. Everything that surrounds us, once was, as they say, a dream that came true through the combination of constructive and decorative activities. So now let’s try to divide all styles and trends in design into the main subgroups that are most popular today. By the way, many of them have already become separate branches of art, which are taught not only in specialized courses, but also in universities of international standard.

Perhaps the word «design» most people first associate a certain type of interior. Today, the design options of the premises are divided into many varieties, which can be classified depending on the era, country or just the imagination of the Creator. For example, in offices often dominated by the classical style, which, accordingly, originates from the era of classicism (nineteenth century). The modern design is created in apartments and it can resemble a spaceship, a nightclub and so on. As a rule, this option is characterized by a minimum of furniture, glass shelves and tables, a large number of mirrors and monochrome colors. But any room (both working and home) can be made, say, in the Japanese style or in French. In the first case, it is enough to set a minimum of functional furniture in the room and add the appropriate attributes. In the second we select the stand, couches, and exquisite wrought-iron elements, after which your idea comes to life.

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