What should be a modern scientist? — Какой должен быть современный ученый?

What should be a modern scientist? - Какой должен быть современный ученый?

Once, when the Sun had set and it was possible to admire the stars, it suddenly dawned on me, and I decided to reflect on the topic: «What should be a modern scientist.»

In my opinion, a modern scientist should be in demand in society. At the moment, I think a scientist should have more than one higher education. He needs to know more than all the other ordinary people. Once Anatoly Frans said the following words:»sooner or later curiosity becomes a sin; that is why the devil is always on the side of scientists». It seems to me that these great words will be relevant forever, because really the curiosity of the scientist should be so great that it could even go beyond what is allowed.

True science has already recognized that the field of the studied is almost nothing compared to the field of the unexplored. In my opinion , indeed , science will never finish its work as long as the world stands .Then scientists will always be in demand in society.

Personally , in my opinion, a scientist should be able not only to prove some theorem, to open some phenomenon, to create some device, but also to be able to explain it all, to bring it to the people. Well said Kurt Vonnegut: «a Charlatan is every scientist who is not able to explain to a six-year-old child what he is doing.»

If I was six years old and I was asked to list the qualities that I believe a modern scientist should possess , I would call the following: kind, brave, courageous, intelligent. Of course, this is the conduct of the child, in fact, every scientist has his own positive qualities, there is no ideal, which could be cited as an example. Each scientist as well as a person is unique in its own way.

At home I have the Internet, which I decided to use to finally find out who he is a modern scientist. When I entered into the search engine «modern scientist», I received the answer that this is a true poet, ie scientist , he also, like a poet on something ponders, analyzes, compares. The only difference I think is that the scientist’s words must be supported by evidence and be true. A poet can write whatever he wants.

Now in the modern world many discoveries have already been made, but the role of the scientist in the life of society has not become less.

Summing up, I want to say that it is possible to reflect on this concept for a long time, but I understood from my reasoning that first of all a scientist should be a competent and educated person, should love his people and his Homeland, do everything for the good of his Fatherland.

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