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The Roman Empire The Roman Empire / Римская империя The Roman Empire had a huge task in front of them while it was first starting out and while it was becoming a dominant dynasty in the early civilizations. The main problem that the book "Discovering the Global Past" points out is how the Roman Empire found itself growing a little too quickly. The Roman Empire started out very small...


U.S. Financial System U.S. Financial System / Финансовая система США Corporations have the need to raise capital for a number of reasons. Smaller firms need capital to start up operations. Larger firms need capital to expand operations and to finance inventory. There are various ways in which a firm can raise capital through the financial system and numerous individuals and entities...


Microburst Microburst / Микропорыв There are many safety factors that pilots have to take into consideration while completing a safe flight. Everything has to be taken into mind when planning a flight. From weight and balance to preflight inspections. One safety factor that is impossible to have control over is weather. There are many aspects of weather that can affect an aircraft,...


Romanian Orphanages Romanian Orphanages / Румынские сироты Imagine a hospital that, at one time ran smoothly helping the public, now with the primary objection of taking care of the thousands of abandoned infants and children. This is the reality in Romania when Nicolae Ceausescu was in power. In 1966 he created an Anti-Abortion/Contraception law in order to raise the population and...


Introducing Christian Ethics Introducing Christian Ethics / Введение в христианскую этику The book that I have chosen to do my book review on is Introducing Christian Ethics, written by Henlee H. Barnette. This book deals with many Christian ethical decisions based on biblical foundations that are applied to various major problems. Some of the major problems pertain to the self,...



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YouTube / Ютьюб

YouTubeA video empire escapade, this is what YouTube.com is becoming. It is a collection of short clips of video. The range of videos is as big as your mind can expand, where any topic of video is most likely on YouTube.com. YouTube.com serves as a learning device, so where if you would like to learn something, you more than likely can find video to teach you.

Learning with videos is a big deal to many people out there in today’s world. On TV especially there are many info commercials that want you to buy their videos on how to make money, how to run computers, and how to sell real estate. These videos also cost money and the price is not cheap. Many of these videos are scams just to get your money and the video doesn’t even do its job. With YouTube you don’t have to pay any kind of money to look at videos, just the topic you would like to learn.

A good learning video that would might helpful through YouTube is golf. The game of golf in my opinion might be one of the toughest games to play, if not learn. It takes years and years to accomplish minimal changes in your game. It is a game of repution and has to be exact and precise every time. YouTube brings you videos that will help you in any part of your game. Putting is a tough part about golf and there hundreds of different putting lessons on YouTube. If you do not like one style of putting you can switch to a different style and learn it through videos. Golf etiquette is a HUGE part of the game and must be dealt with in a calm fashion. YouTube will show you what you should do in certain situations on the course. It will show the proper way to mark a ball on the green and where you should be stepping when someone else’s line is in your way. These are just a variety of golf tips that you might encounter in the golf world.

Another idea YouTube brings to the table is the fact that you can learn any useless trick you want. If you want to learn a back flip, YouTube has a video that will teach you how to a do backflip by yourself. There are many useless tricks that one might learn in his or her life time and these tricks could be learned to impress a friend. People want to learn unique stuff and YouTube has what they are looking for. Many college kids these days are looking for new and fun drinking games they can play with their friends. Quarters is a game is widely known by the drinking community and can be taught at YouTube. There a bunch of different techniques, but one really solid game fact and that is to get your quarter into the glass as quick as you can. There are many people that might get bored with this game, so they turn there heads to YouTube and find Flippy Cup which is a game that you drink the beer from your cup and then try to flip the cup so that it lands the way it should be on the table. There are teams and only one person from the team can go at a time. When one team finishes all the cups they win.

The last topic I am going to talk about is music and beat making. This topic relates to me in big way that it has taught me something that I might never have gotten into if it was not for YouTube. A couple of months ago I was on the internet looking through beats in that back of hip hop and rap songs wonder how hard it would be to make those and if it would sound any good if I did try to make the beats. Well I had no clue what I would need to start my expirement. I went to YouTube and searched everything for the project that I was about to start. When I finally got my programs and keyboards set up I started making beats, but it did not go well at all. So I went back to YouTube and learned how to start off with some piano and drum backgrounds to start it. From there my project has successful and I am now in the process of making my own video for YouTube.

YouTube brings a whole other ballgame to the picture when you talk about learning. It is revolutionizing the world of what you can accomplish on the internet. If consists of learning a new sport such as golf, or learning that new back flip to make a friend be impressed, or that business that you never knew you had before going to YouTube. All these things are just different ways to learn the thing every human wants to learn without the help of someone else.

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